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Sriracha Recipes

So you’ve loaded your cabinets with an arsenal of Flying Goose Sriracha sauces, now it’s time to get cooking a recipe with Sriracha sauce!

Whether you’re an iron chef or a novice, Sriracha sauce can be added to just about any recipe. We’ve curated a handful of flavour-packed recipes using Sriracha sauce that cover the whole spectrum of cuisines. Browse through our different categories and choose the dish that suits your tastes.

Want to try your hand at authentic Thai food? Our Sriracha stir-fry recipes or Sriracha noodle recipes will transport your taste buds to coastal Thailand. Toss in a few fresh veggies for a vegan option, or stir in your choice of meat.

Lucky for you, there’s a Flying Goose Sriracha sauce that pairs with any type of barbequed meat. Sriracha beef and Sriracha chicken recipes are easy to follow and infuse your food with deep, intense flavour. Just a splash of our sauces can take your meal from good to out-of-this-world.

But the fun doesn’t just stop at meals. Sriracha can enhance the flavour of your favourite snacks, like hummus, popcorn, and even brownies. And what Sunday brunch would be complete without a Sriracha Bloody Mary cocktail.

Whatever you are in the mood for, you’ll find a home for your Flying Goose Sriracha. Check out our full selection of Sriracha infused recipes below.