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Easy Sriracha Recipes

So you’ve loaded your cabinets with an arsenal of garlicky, spicy, and sweet Flying Goose Sriracha sauces; now it’s time to cook a recipe using our versatile sauces!

Whether you’re a chef or a novice, our extensive range of sriracha sauces can be added to almost any recipe, from meat dishes to salads.

Want to try your hand at authentic Thai food? Try using our Spicy Sriracha Mayo, Black Pepper, or Super Tom Yum sauces for sriracha stir-fries or noodle recipes. We promise the flavours will make you feel like you are sitting on the streets of Bangkok and indulging in some fantastic street-side food. Toss a few fresh veggies into the mix for a vegan option, or stir in your choice of meat.

If you love to grill and BBQ, you will be happy to know we have some unique sriracha sauces that pair well with any barbequed meat. Use our Whiskey, Tikka, or Onion sauces as a marinade for your sriracha beef and chicken recipes. The result will be a deep, intense, complex flavour profile that will make your meal out of this world!

Flying Goose Sriracha sauces are all about versatility! Drizzle our Mint, Coconut, or Kimchi-flavoured sauces on tacos or salads for extra oomph. Our Wasabi flavour would taste fantastic with sushi or maki rolls. Coriander, Extra Garlic, or Kaffir-lime Leaf flavours would pair beautifully and can introduce zestiness to curries or soups.

Let our easy sriracha recipes be your springboard for culinary exploration. Craft a signature sriracha beef pasta recipe or create a fiery shrimp stir-fry with our Super Sour sauce – a guaranteed conversation starter at your next gathering.

Sriracha sauces are also a fantastic way to breathe new life into classic family recipes. Keep a variety of our Sriracha sauces on hand – from mild to super hot – to offer your guests a range of dipping options for their favourite snacks. Whether they’re enjoying fries, wedges, vegetables, or anything else on your platter, sriracha adds a vibrant kick that elevates the experience.

But the fun doesn’t just stop at mealtimes. Our sauces can be your secret weapon for adding a surprising and delightful kick to all your favourite snacks. Drizzle a touch over hummus for a spicy depth, or sprinkle it on popcorn for a sweet and fiery movie-night treat. You might be surprised to know that sriracha can also elevate desserts. A touch in brownies adds a complex heat that complements the chocolate, while a dollop in homemade ice cream creates a truly unique flavour experience.

You can also try some easy sriracha drink recipes for a playful twist. Add a dash to your Bloody Mary cocktail for a brunch treat. Feeling creative? Experiment with a sriracha margarita or spicy paloma.

Whatever you are in the mood for, there’s a Flying Goose Sriracha sauce for it! We have curated a handful of flavour-packed, easy sriracha recipes for you. Check out our full selection below.