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Buy Flying Goose Sriracha Sauce in Bulk


If you have any general inquiries about Flying Goose Sriracha sauces or about buying sriracha sauce online, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

For business inquiries regarding buying Flying Goose Sriracha sauce products in bulk or to discuss distribution to export markets, please fill out the contact form below with details about your business.

Flying Goose is a certified sriracha sauce manufacturer in Thailand, but we are open to connecting with distributors and exporters interested in buying our sriracha sauces from the UK, Europe, and worldwide.

For more information about our export products, please see below.


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    Flying Goose Sriracha Sauce Export Profile

    Flying Goose Sriracha is a brand of authentic, premium sriracha sauces manufactured in Thailand. Our sauces are based on an original chili sauce recipe from Sri Racha, Thailand, and only use local Thai chillies and other local herbs.

    Flying Goose Sriracha sauces are known for their bold flavours, spicy profiles, and the ability to keep hungry customers returning for more. We pride ourselves on our dedication to using only fresh, natural ingredients in our products and staying true to our roots in Sri Racha.

    Flying Goose Sriracha is available in various flavours, ranging from mild to outrageously spicy! Plus, many of our products are gluten-free and/or vegan. You’ll find sauce flavours in our collection that are suitable for almost any type of cuisine or meal.

    We currently export and distribute our sriracha sauces to cities and towns in Germany, the UK, and many other areas and countries in Europe. Customers interested in buying sriracha sauce in bulk from a manufacturer in Thailand can contact us for more information about our pricing, product information, and shipping terms.

    Every Flying Goose Sriracha sauce bottle is manufactured at a certified manufacturing facility that complies with international standards and regulations.

    You can place an export order containing the most popular flavours in your region or a container containing all our products to build interest in the many Sriracha sauces available from Flying Goose. Our ordering policy is extremely flexible.

    We want to assist our distribution partners in selling our products, and we can advise them on the most requested products in a particular region or country.

    We can also support our distribution partners with a full range of online and offline marketing materials. Our marketing team can provide digital marketing content and assets, such as artwork, designs, and videos.

    For offline marketing, we work with our partners to create in-store communications, including shelf-talkers, wobblers, standees, product shelf displays, and more.

    Please fill out the contact form above, and someone from our sales team will be in touch. Thank you for your interest in Flying Goose.