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Our Story

Introducing Flying Goose, the hottest sauce brand in town.

In 1999, our premium Thai sauce brand “Flying Goose” arrived, with the aim of raising the standard of hot sauce and to deliver food fans the maximum level of deliciousness to complement any delicacy.

Wing Jam
Wing Jam
Flying Goose Our Story
Wing Jam

At Flying Goose, we always select the essential aromatic Thai herbs as well as other authentic ingredients, allowing us to create a variety of super tasty sauce flavours. From Hoisin to different styles of Sriracha sauces, Flying Goose provides mouthwatering goodness time after time. When looking for some good sauces, don’t forget to choose “Flying Goose” and every day will be 100% filled with deliciousness!

Why Flying Goose Sriracha?

It’s made from an original recipe in Si Racha district, Thailand, using high quality ingredients, fresh from chilli farms in Thailand.

There’s a full range of flavours to choose from and all of our products are gluten free and suitable for vegetarians.

With a high chilli content for that extra heat, our sauces enhance the flavour of just about any dish.

All our products are made in a certified manufacturing facility.

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