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Made from sun-ripened chillis, our original Sriracha recipe bottles the delicious and tangy flavour of thai chillis and garlic for a spicy taste.

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Original Sriracha

The original Sriracha Hot Chilli Sauce.

Made from sun-ripened chilli, the sauce is ready to use with roasted or cold cut meats, kebabs or just add to anything to give your dish a sizzling kick.

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Sriracha Mayo

Great with sushi, salads, BBQs, sandwiches and everything, come to think of it…

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Sriracha Green Chilli

Yup you guessed it.

It’s made with green chillies…

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Sriracha Super Hot

It’s Sriracha but Super Hot.

That’s why we call it Sriracha Super Hot.

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Hoisin Sauce

Dark, sweet and delicious, this sauce pairs great with barbecued or grilled meats and veggies.

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Sriracha Blackout

If you want a real kick, Sriracha blackout is a must! This extremely spicy sauce is not for everyone, so be careful.

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Sriracha Yellow Chilli

Made using yellow chillies…

It’s Sriracha, but yellow!

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Sweet Chilli Sauce

Fruity and spicy, Sweet Chilli is perfect for chicken, grilled meats, prawn crackers, spring rolls, nuggets, and fish.

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Sriracha Extra Garlic

Strong garlic tastes with the sharpness of chilli.
Pairs well with many dishes.

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Smokey Sriracha

Sriracha now with a delicious smoky flavour.
Tasty with pizza, pulled pork sandwich, spring rolls and so much more.

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Sriracha Mustard Sauce

Spicy and mustardy this sauce is packed with flavour.

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Sriracha Black Pepper

The delightfully spicy, peppery flavour of the sauce is due to its ingredients: chilli, pepper, soy sauce, and garlic. Great on all grilled dishes, cold cuts and your favourite stir-fries.

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Sriracha Wasabi

Like wasabi? Love Sriracha? Same. That’s why we created this game changer.
Go ahead, slather it on some sushi.

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Spicy Sriracha Mayo

Experience the popular dipping sauce with another level of sizzling heat. Spicy Sriracha Mayo Sauce is the new excitement to enjoy with your snacks, appetizers or even main dishes. This must-try new formula will surely guarantee that you will get addicted to its yummy spiciness.

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