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Sriracha Wasabi

200ml | 455ml


Gluten Free

Like wasabi? Love Sriracha? Same. That’s why we created this game changer. Go ahead, slather it on some sushi.

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chilli, sugar, water, garlic, salt, seasoning Wasabi paste 4% (horseradish, Wasabi [Wasabi jaonica] 10%, corn starch, SOYbean oil, water, salt, flavouring), flavouring, flavour enhancer:L 261, stabilizer: E415, acidity regulators: E260, E330, preservative: E202.

Nutritional Information Typical Values per 100ml:

energy 582kJ / 139 kcal, fat 1.5g, fat (of which saturates) 0.3g, carbohydrates 28g, carbohydrates (of which sugars) 24g, protein 2.2g, salt 7.5g

Sriracha Wasabi Sauce

For a fierier taste experience, be sure to try our Sriracha Wasabi Sauce. A delicious combination of chilli, wasabi, horseradish, and tempered sugary sweetness makes this condiment the ideal choice for those that love the heat. With a medium level chilli profile, this sauce is a good choice for both newcomers and connoisseurs of the Sriracha chilli flavour. Our Thai-grown chillies are famed for their incomparable zing and sharpness that imparts a delicious flavour to whatever dish they are included.

The rich depth of flavour makes this spicy wasabi sauce an excellent complement for seafood meals. From sushi to prawns, you can enjoy its tangy and savoury taste as a dipping sauce. Add it to you fried eggs or a grilled burger for even more enjoyment. As delicious as it is versatile, this wasabi sauce can also be added to cocktails, helping to make your next Bloody Mary an even more powerful pick-me-up.

With carefully sourced ingredients and production processing, this product is just as enjoyable as a vegan wasabi sauce. We work with local farms to ensure we are supplied with the most superior quality of ingredients. This not only helps guarantee freshness but also allows us to support the surrounding communities. Our products are also gluten-free and just as suitable for vegetarians.

Do visit our recipes page to discover the many Thai and continental dishes that can benefit from the inclusion of our range of sauces. Also, keep checking our product page to reveal the old and new flavours that have made Flying Goose a beloved brand that specializes in Sriracha sauces.

Sriracha Wasabi


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