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Sweet Chilli Sauce

200ml | 455ml | 730ml


Gluten Free

Fruity and spicy, Sweet Chilli is perfect for chicken, grilled meats, prawn crackers, spring rolls, nuggets, and fish.

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sugar syrup, chilli 22%, garlic, distilled vinegar, water, salt, modified tapioca starch, acidity regulator: E330, acid: E260, stabilizer: E415, preservative: E202.

Nutritional Information Typical Values per 100ml:

energy 959kJ / 229 kcal, fat 0g, fat (of which saturates) 0g, carbohydrates 55g, carbohydrates (of which sugars) 53g, protein 0.5g, salt 3.0g

Sweet Chilli Sauce

Our premium Sweet Chilli Sauce is a perfect choice for those desiring a blend of sweet and spicy. Balanced to perfection, this condiment is ideally suited to those that enjoy a medium level of chilli. The added touch of sweetness makes this a good option for use in marinating and cooking grilled meats, seafood, chicken, and fish.

With sugar syrup for sweetening and tapioca adding texture and depth, this authentic sweet chilli sauce makes for a suitable choice for novices not yet accustomed to the heat of Thai Sriracha chillies. Although great for meats, it can also make for an excellent dipping sauce and as a healthy and tasty vegan sweet chilli sauce.

As part of the Flying Goose collection of sauces, this Sweet Chilli Thai Sauce is made with high-quality sun-dried chillies that have become the cornerstone ingredient to this popular brand. All the ingredients used in Flying Goose sauces are locally sourced to ensure they are processed in their freshest state. This also allows us to ensure control and monitoring over the product, from farm to final packaging.

By purchasing our products, you also help in supporting our local communities that are our primary source of ingredients. Our team continues to work hard at providing the classic Flying Goose products you love and developing new variations that you can use on a wide variety of dishes. We endeavour to expand our product range to cater to various palates.

Check out our product pages to discover our old and new offerings. Also, visit our recipes page to discover more delectable Thai and continental recipes that benefit from the use of our condiments.

Sweet Chilli