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Vegan Hot Sauce Can Be Enjoyed By Everyone.

Enjoy Our Vegan Hot Sauce

Veganism is growing in popularity. But while people may embrace the philosophy, suddenly having to do without their favourite meals and sauces takes some getting used to. Flying Goose Brand has been producing naturally vegan hot sauces that make adopting a vegan diet more rewarding, tasty, and enjoyable.

Adopting a Vegan Diet and Lifestyle

The core of veganism is adopting a diet and lifestyle that seeks to avoid any chance of inflicting unnecessary suffering on sentient beings. In a practical sense, this means avoiding any products made from animals, like leather, fur, or bone products, and adopting a diet free of any meat or animal products.

There is a definite growing trend towards awareness of the food we put in our bodies. Veganism is a natural result when you pair this awareness of the health benefits of adopting a mainly plant-based diet with the social and spiritual aspects of preserving the lives of sentient beings.

With the rise in plant-based foods being manufactured and marketed all over the world, more people are learning about and adopting a vegetarian or vegan diet and lifestyle.

There is also a growing trend for many quality restaurants around the world to begin introducing vegan and meatless dishes on their menus. They recognise that veganism is not just a fad. It’s a life choice. These days, a group of friends making a reservation at a popular restaurant is likely to have at least one person in the group who is a vegetarian or vegan. Why risk having that group choose another restaurant that serves food that everyone can enjoy?

Added Benefits

The rise in veganism can be partly attributed to the growing concern for animal welfare. Doing away with animal products means doing without the fatty dairy products that we all secretly love, like cream and butter, and these have been replaced with a focus on more intensive and rewarding flavours.

Helping the Environment

Climate scientists have long pointed to the goal of reducing the world’s consumption of meat as being directly related to helping reduce climate change. The destruction of forests to create grazing land for animals destined for our tables is helping to speed up climate change.

By reducing meat consumption through the adoption of a healthier diet and lifestyle, we also contribute to a healthier environment.

World’s Expanding Tastes

The world’s food manufacturers are recognising that people’s tastes in countries all over the world are becoming more adventurous. Many people are eagerly tasting and adopting foods from different cultures and countries into their own diets. Nowadays, people might eagerly sit down to a meal that combines the flavours of Thailand, Japan, and Brazil.

As communication around the world increases due to the internet, people are becoming interested in discovering the foods that people eat in foreign, exotic countries. As food distribution has improved around the world, people are discovering new exciting flavours and new recipes to sample.

Here at Flying Goose, we’ve responded to the skyrocketing demand for our products and hot sauces by expanding our product lines in accordance with the changing attitudes towards adventurous dining. This includes making our customers aware that every hot sauce we produce is intrinsically vegan and will satisfy the craving for Sriracha hot sauce in a completely vegan diet.

Jackfruit tacos with vegan hot sauce.

Basic Sriracha sauce is just fresh chillies, distilled vinegar, fresh garlic, sugar, and salt. There are no animal products in any of our hot sauces. All of our flavoured varieties of our sauces feature only plant-based flavourings. This means these sauces are also completely vegan.

With the vast range of the Sriracha sauces we produce, every diet, vegan or meat-based, can enjoy the exotic and delicious flavours of Thailand every day. From Sriracha coconut and kimchi-flavoured sauces, to Sriracha mustard and wasabi-flavoured sauces, we support the worldwide popularity of this quintessential Thai sauce and produce an ever-expanding variety of sauces to suit everyone’s tastes and preferences.

Discover all the Varieties of Vegan Hot Sauce We Offer

Visit our website to discover the world of Flying Goose brand vegan Sriracha hot sauces and products. Explore the tastes of Thailand and expand your sales by carrying the complete line of our products in your grocery store or restaurant.

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