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Why Is Sriracha Sauce so Popular?

Basic Sriracha sauce has simple ingredients


In many countries around the world, a bottle of Sriracha sauce is the regular sight among  condiments on the table these days. The condiment’s popularity seemed to explode over the last ten years to become the best-selling condiment in many countries. It’s even featured as an added ingredient in well-known fast-food brands.  

The world’s taste for hot, spicy food seems to have also grown over the past ten years. Nowadays, people are frequenting spicy Thai, Indian, Mexican, and Hunan Chinese restaurants. They’re eagerly trying every food that can guarantee a kick to the palate. 

One of the most popular shows on YouTube is Hot Ones. This is a show where celebrities get interviewed while trying to finish chicken wings covered in increasingly hotter hot sauce. 

Out of this worldwide mania for spicy and hot foods, a simple Thai hot sauce has emerged to take the world by storm and become well-known for its unusual name and fresh, tangy, and spicy flavour.  

Sriracha sauce is the name of this worldwide sensation. It’s said to have been invented just down the eastern coastline from Bangkok in a small seaside town named Sri Racha. The sauce has made the name of the town well-known by people all around the world. 


What is Sriracha Sauce?


Basic Sriracha is made of chilli peppers, vinegar, garlic, salt, and sugar. The quality of the chillis and garlic and the ratios of the added ingredients are the other defining factors of the classic Sriracha flavour. Thai chefs are masters at combining simple ingredients in exact amounts to create a definitive taste. This is part of the reason why Thai cuisine is so famous and can be so tricky for foreign chefs to try and replicate.

Another reason may be the simple, fresh ingredients of the sauce. People around the world were taken by the pure chilli flavour of the sauce. Red Thai chillis are usually either chillis called Prik Chee Fah, or Prik Jinda. Both of these ripened chillis have bright red as well as green varieties. While the smaller Prik Chee Fah variety is mostly used as garnishes and in pickles, the larger Prik Jinda variety gives Thai dishes their heat and flavour. It’s described in Thai as a “green flavour”. In English, the flavour is best described as a fresh and grassy aroma and taste that perks up a dish. 

With the runaway success of the sauce, Thai chefs have expanded their Sriracha-making expertise and have created many new flavours that expand the range of culinary uses for the sauce. 


Savory food tastes better with Sriracha sauce


Expanded Range of Sriracha Sauces


Flying Goose Brand Sriracha Sauce was first launched in Thailand in 1999. Our brand was established to create a superior-tasting sauce that truly utilised only the best chillis and other ingredients that Thailand had to offer. We felt that most of the brands we had tried, both foreign and domestic, didn’t do justice to the Sriracha name. 

We set out to create a sauce using only the finest of purely Thai ingredients. Once people tried our sauce, they quickly fell in love with its fresh, tangy, pure chilli taste. Encouraged by the reception and wanting to expand people’s appreciation of the sauce and Thai cuisine in general, we began experimenting with variations of our classic sauce. 


Today, we offer 36 different varieties of our sauce, including three flavours of Sriracha-flavoured mayo. We’ve also created our own brands of spicy black pepper sauce, Hoisin sauce, and fish sauce that are helping to introduce our worldwide customers to the concepts and techniques of Asian cooking.

Many of our Sriracha flavours use traditional Thai herbs and vegetables to deliver a new and delicious taste our customers have never experienced before. You can buy our Sriracha sauce in lemongrass, ginger, coriander, galangal, kaffir lime leaf, coconut, and even tom yum flavours. 

We also sell certain products, including our original Sriracha sauce, Sriracha mayo, Sriracha sauce with no MSG, and our sambal oelek, in larger food service sizes to encourage chefs all over the world to experiment with these Asian flavours. 

The world fell in love with the spicy, fresh and flavourful taste of the classic Sriracha sauce. By raising the level of the sauce to Thai standards and expanding the flavours, we’re opening the door and inviting people to discover a new world of Thai cuisine.

Find out more about our range of products, and order our products internationally or locally by contacting us directly.